Want to get in shape for summer but can’t give up beer? Our non-alcoholic beer is for you!

Like you, we love beer on a hot summer day at the beach with friends, but we also want that hot bod for our Instagram feed. Athletic Brewing Company’s co-founder, Bill Shufelt, loves beer and good food but he wanted to start a healthier lifestyle. Health benefits associated with eliminating alcohol includes improved memory, heart health, deeper sleep, and weight loss. Knowing these health benefits, Bill began searching for non-alcoholic options that could satisfy his taste without compromising his lifestyle. And since then, he has created a company dedicated to making non-alcoholic beers that actually taste good and have health benefits!

Bill Shufelt (left)

Athletic Brewing Company brews many different beers throughout the year so anyone seeking a non-alcoholic option can experience the best in craft beer, in as many ways as possible. We have essential Athletic brews that are available year round, but we also brew seasonal releases, limited edition styles, and collaboration beers that highlight ingredients or flavors from some of our favorite brands. Our newest limited-edition beer is Suped Up, the world’s first pre-workout brew. Our company teamed up with Super Coffee, the third-largest bottled coffee brand in the U.S., to make this beverage that combines the best of both worlds – a protein coffee in a non-alcoholic beer format. This pre-workout brew allows you to enjoy beer and coffee without the alcohol and sugar as a pre-workout drink to help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle and that hot bod you want for the summer.

To allow our customers to try all our beers and our limited-edition Suped Up beer, we have a subscription service called The Athletic Club where you can have beers delivered monthly, get exclusive perks site wide discounts, first access to limited-edition brews, and members-only merch. You can build your own subscription by customizing your favorite brews and shipment frequencies. Based on how much you order each month, you can save up to 15% off and you can cancel at anytime. The Athletic Club will make it easier for you so you don’t have to go to the grocery store and instead, you can spend more time on the beach drinking Athletic Brewing Company beers. Visit us at the Athletic Brewing website to learn more about The Athletic Club and sign up today!

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