Hello! ¡Hola! こんにちは!你好!

A polyglot, a world traveler, a Boston University alum, a University of Southern California graduate student, an aspiring public relations professional, and more.

I do the opposite of what I am told because I break molds and boundaries.

Allergic to horses, but is an equestrian

I am allergic to horses, hay, dust, pollen, grass, and more. But that never stopped me from my love for horses! If anything, wearing masks while grooming my horse helped me prepare for the pandemic!

Should be a chef like her dad, but is a baker

I get my cooking skills from watching my dad since a young age, but I have a sweet tooth and will eat dessert before my meal. My best baked goods are Russian Tea Cakes and Basque Burnt Cheesecake!

Wanted to be a dermatologist, but is in PR

To be more specific, I wanted to be a pediatrician that specializes in dermatology because I love kids and want to find a cure for eczema. However, dreams change and now I love PR, but still want to advocate for eczema!

The Bay Area is where I was born and raised. Boston was my home for a few years until the pandemic hit. Tokyo is my vacation home. And now, I call Los Angeles my new home. Where will life take me next?