Oatly: Creative Brief

Prepared By: Sonia Yang

Date: 3/27/2024

Client: Oatly

Description: To create an advertising campaign for the launch of Oatly’s new oat-based cheese

Tagline: No bloat, just oat!

Target Audience

Oatly is targeting Gen Z people (ages 12-26) who already like oat milk and are lactose intolerance or have dairy allergies. Gen Z people want to not only consume delicious food products, but also want an aesthetic product that looks good on their social media posts. Oatly is known for its creative packaging and “hippie” image, which aligns with Gen Z psychographics. Lactose intolerance and dairy allergies used to be something people hid or weren’t proud of, but now Gen Z is very vocal and open about health conditions or problems. A phrase many Gen Z people use nowadays is “hot girls have IBS” after a TikTok trend was created to raise awareness of common stomach problems (Yip, 2022). IBS and lactose intolerance are becoming normalized and people with those conditions are looking for dairy alternatives. No Bloat Oat Cheese was made to target this audience as it provides them with an aesthetic product that also tastes as good as traditional dairy cheese without the bloating symptoms.


Minor Figures: Minor Figures was founded in 2014 in London and started as a coffee company. The company rebranded in 2018 and launched an oat milk that became very popular (Bliss). Minor Figures also has similar branding to Oatly with its quirky fonts and graphics. Furthermore, Minor Figures has a strong focus on sustainability as well which makes it the closest competitor to Oatly.

Chobani: Like Oatly, Chobani has a wide range of non-dairy products from oat milks to non-dairy yogurts. But unlike Oatly, Chobani also sells dairy products, therefore targeting a larger audience depending on their preference for dairy or non-dairy. Chobani also has a strong branding with use of lowercase letters to make the brand feel more friendly (Tee & Frost, 2018).

Key Message

No Bloat Oat Cheese offers a delicious solution for individuals seeking a dairy-free cheese alternative that not only satisfies their taste buds but also doesn’t upset their stomachs.


We will distribute our No Bloat Oat Cheese campaign on social media platforms. The sponsored social media posts will appear on Instagram and Facebook, but not X (formally Twitter) because Oatly is taking a break from the platform as of March 1, 2024 (Oatly, 2024). For TikTok, sponsored videos will appear on users’ For You Page. These are platforms that Gen Z is extremely active on, so this will be the most effective way to target them.

We will also distribute the campaign as out-of-home ads on bus shelters, traditional billboards, digital billboards, and even murals for promotion. Oatly is well-known for its OOH ads so this will help Oatly continue to be seen throughout different cities and get awareness for No Bloat Oat Cheese. The OOH ads will be placed in big cities like Los Angeles and New York City in the U.S. and international cities like Rome, Italy and of course Malmö, Sweden.


The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness of Oatly’s newest product, No Bloat Oat Cheese. Oatly wants the target audience, Gen Z, to go on Oatly’s website to learn more about No Bloat Oat Cheese after seeing the ads. Oatly also wants Gen Z to take pictures of the OOH ads and interact with the social media posts to garner more attention in the online community. And with the target audience being Gen Z with dairy allergies and intolerance, the campaign must be visually pleasing but also convey the message that this cheese will not cause any bloating or stomach discomfort. This target audience is already familiar with Oatly’s popular oat milk, but now we need to make people familiar with and want to buy No Bloat Oat Cheese.

Ad Purpose

This ad campaign is necessary because Oatly’s own website and social media pages are not enough to spread the word about its new oat-based cheese product. We will be distributing ads on social media and OOH because our target audience is very active on social media, but they also drive around and see OOH ads on their way to school or work. With an aesthetic range of ads, we believe this will help us gain more visibility and awareness of Oatly’s newest product. Furthermore, there is no other brand offering oat-based cheese, so Oatly is the first company to offer this product. This should be enticing to the target audience that is already in love with Oatly’s oat milk and other oat-based products. And lastly, No Bloat Oat Cheese also has the selling point of causing no bloating, so these ads will help share the “why” behind No Bloat Oat Cheese.

*Disclaimer: All content is for academic purposes and has no affiliation with Oatly.*